Frigidaire Washing Machines – A Safe Choice For Washing

Everyone is becoming more aware of the environment and looking for ways to reduce their consumption of natural resources. By choosing the right washing machine, which is environment friendly and energy efficient, you will be contributing to the planet’s preservation.

With so many washing machines brands, how do you choose one to achieve your environmental goals? The online washing machine reviews is the right place for information on the various washing machine options available in the market.

The Frigidaire Brand

Frigidaire is one of the pioneers of home appliance production, founded in 1914. They are reputed to have manufactured quite a few “firsts” home appliances; they launched their first washing machine in 1947.

Their environmental-friendly appliances are manufactured to save on energy and running costs. Frigidaire washer range of models includes top loaders, front loaders, Frigidaire washer dryer combination units, dryers and compact size appliances maytag dryer repair los angeles.

Front Loading Washing Machines

Frigidaire has about 40 models of front loading washers, ranging from 5 to 8 kg capacity, with one available for almost every need. Some of the main features of the front load washers include:

The Digital display, ideal for those who want to be kept informed of their wash cycle.
The intelligent wash cycle adjusts the cycle to suit the load and washes and rinses accordingly, saving time and energy costs.

The integrated program thermometer pre-selects the appropriate temperature for each wash which helps preserve the clothes.

Some front loaders also have the anti-crease feature whereby the washer spins slowly every few minutes to reduce creases in the wash.

The Eco ball located in the drainage tube is another efficiency feature which reduces the amount of detergent and water required for each wash without compromise on the cleanliness of the clothes.

The Frigidaire washers are known for their efficiency and some have an A+ rating which helps to reduce consumers’ energy and water bills.

Top Loading Washers

Most of the top loading washers and dryers also benefit from the advanced technology features of the front loader in addition to a larger capacity of up to 12kg. This makes them an ideal purchase for families who wash large loads often.

The polypropylene wash tub is an indestructible tub which does not corrode, chip or dent. This makes it less susceptible to repairs than other brands. It is also lighter in comparison to other drums putting less stress on the transmission and motor.

The Frigidaire washers also have various wash cycles, a self cleaning pump, safety lock and up to 8 water levels amongst other features.

Frigidaire a sign of quality

The Frigidaire Company is committed to understanding their customers’ needs and undertake in-depth research and development. They will continue to make effective and efficient washing machines that will around for a long time.

Washing machine reviews website provides numerous inputs from consumers who have purchased various brands of the Frigidaire washing machines. Although Frigidaire washer has good reviews from most of their users, most importantly you need to identify your need and choose a washing machine to suit your requirements.

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