Five Simple Steps to Refrigerator Maintenance

Putting in place a regular schedule of maintenance is certain to help with keeping this crucial kitchen appliance in full working order. By taking the necessary action of performing certain quick checks on the refrigerator it is also possible to limit the build-up of more significant issues at a later date. Here are several key steps to maintaining the working condition of the refrigerator –

Inspect the door seals

Check the door seals at regular intervals to help with maintaining the ideal temperature range for the fridge. A poor fitted seal is likely to mean the cool air is able to escape from the inside of the refrigerator refrigerator repair los angeles. This means it has to work harder to keep the food inside cool. It also helps to clean the seals and ensure they are kept free of dirt and food residue. A simple tool to use is an old toothbrush and a solution of part water and part baking soda. When the seals start to get into a poor state of repair it often benefits to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Maintain the condenser coils

If the condenser coils start to get covered in dirt or dust, the fridge is likely to start experiencing difficulties in running efficiently. It helps to clean the coils once or twice per year using a regular vacuum cleaner with a suitable brush attachment. Make sure the refrigerator is switch off and unplugged prior to starting this cleaning process.

Setting the right temperature

A refrigerator is certain to benefit if the temperature is kept within a range of 37° to 40° F and the freezer compartment is kept at a steady 0°.

Avoid leaving the fridge empty

A refrigerator is designed to operate more efficiently with a lot of stuff inside. A fridge relies on thermal mass to help with maintaining the lower temperature range. Because the cool drinks and foods inside the fridge help with absorbing the warm air it benefits to include at least one or two large-sized water jugs or bottles.

Be prepared in emergencies

In the event of a power outage it helps to leave the doors closed on the fridge and freezer as such as possible. A refrigerator left closed without power is likely to keep the food safe for up to six hours. And a freezer is likely to maintain its cold temperature for up to 48 hours, if it is full.

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