Clothes Dryer Vents – An Often Overlooked Source of Heat Loss

There are many gaps, cracks and seams throughout your house that heat and energy can flow through making that heating bill a nasty little surprise during the winter months. You may know abut caulking, storm windows and a programmable thermostat but what about the clothes dryer vent that goes through the wall? Here is a simple chore anyone can do to save a few dollars heating your house.

The dryer vent that sticks out of the side of your house is a very simple flapper valve lg dryer repair pasadena. When you dry your clothes the heat, moisture (and exhaust gasses such as carbon monoxide if you have a natural gas fired dryer) are blown out of the house. The pressure from the little fan in the dryer pushes the small door open. The door is hinged across the top and after the drying cycle is over the door just falls shut. You may have heard this tiny aluminum door banging on a windy day. The problem here, especially if you use dryer sheets, is the lint will get into the hinge jamming the flapper open. Cold air can flow in and because dryer vents and pipes are made of aluminum, heat will be conducted to the outside. (Animals are also attracted to the warmth and I have removed several dead squirrels from dryers)

The only tool you’ll need is a sharp steak knife. The point must be sharp so that you can scrape the lint out of the hinge. You may want to use an old blanket because you’ll have to lie on the ground in order to see under the hood. A flashlight may also be needed. Gently dig away at the lint without pushing it deeper into the hinge. The flapper door should fall easily closed.

The aluminum flapper dryer vent is the cheapest product available and when energy prices were low it worked fine. But nowadays we need to look at every little detail to reduce energy consumption. There are several nice products made of a tough plastic that will not conduct heat out of the house and remain lint free providing positive closure to outside. I’m using the “Lambro Industries Dryer Vent Seal” on my house and am very pleased with its performance.

Attention to the many small details around the home is easy to do and will add up to significant savings in the long term making your house much more comfortable and affordable to live in.

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